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Human Trafficking is a global phenomenon and a crime against humanity; this crime involves obtaining or maintaining the labor or sexual services of another human being through the use of Force, Fraud, or Coercion.

While the immensity of this crime is daunting, there is work being done in Spokane and across Washington State to combat Modern Day Slavery.

According to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act “severe forms of trafficking in persons” is defined as:

  • Labor Trafficking: Is the recruitment, transportation, harboring, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of subjecting that person to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.
  • Sex Trafficking: The commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion or in which the person induced to perform such an act is under 18.



  • Beating and slapping
  • Beating with objects (bat, tools, chains, belts, hangers, canes, cords)
  • Burning
  • Sexual assault Rape and gang rape
  • Confinement and physical restraint


  • False promises
  • Deceitful enticing and affectionate behavior
  • Lying about working conditions
  • Lying about the promise of a better life, “selling a dream”


  • Threats of serious harm or restraint
  • Intimidation and humiliation
  • Creating a climate of fear
  • Enforcement of trivial demands
  • Intense manipulation
  • Emotional abuse
  • Isolation
  • Creating dependency and fear of independence

Who is Vulnerable

  • Women, children, and men
  • Various ages and educational backgrounds
  • Migrant workers
  • Women brought to this country with false offers of marriage
  • Homeless and runaway youth

Signs of Human Trafficking

  • Abusive employment situation
  • One person controlling another or a group (speaking for them; escorting them to/from work)
  • Employer in control of employee’s identification/immigration documents
  • People locked inside a residence or workplace
  • Someone unable to leave a particular job (forced to work there)
  • Threats to employee or employee’s family by employer
  • “Debt” owed by employee to employer
  • Employee living in employer-owned or controlled residence

WARNLutheran Community Services Northwest –Spokane is a member of the Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN). WARN is a coalition of organizations that provides direct services to victims of human trafficking in Washington State, including intensive case management, access to secure housing, food, clothing, medical services, counseling, legal and immigration assistance. WARN also conducts outreach and education for community groups, service providers, and law enforcement to increase victim identification.

To contact WARN: Email: warntrafficking@ or call our Victim Assistance Line at 206-245-0782

WARN Partner Agencies

  • International Rescue Committee in Seattle
  • Asian & Pacific Islander Women & Family Safety Center
  • Refugee Women’s Alliance
  • YouthCare
  • Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health - Yakima
  • Lutheran Community Services Northwest - Spokane

Lutheran Community Services provides a spectrum of services to identify and assist victims of human trafficking. Direct Services offered include: case management, counseling, legal and immigration advocacy. Lutheran Community Services’ Anti-Trafficking Coordinator also conducts training on victim identification and referral for law enforcement, service providers, and community groups.

For more information on the Anti-Trafficking Program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest - Spokane
call the 24-Hour Hotline 1-866-751-7119 or 509-747-8224.


To report possible human trafficking or to obtain information on services for trafficked victims, call one of these numbers: