Children With Problematic Sexual Behaviors

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Differences exist within youth on many levels – appearances, abilities, behaviors and much more. Just like there is a wide range of natural and healthy ways that children and teens can express sexuality, sometimes their sexual behavior can cause reasons for concern.

How We Help

Young people are like sponges – they absorb the behaviors, values and feelings of those around them. Acting out sexually may be a reaction for children who have been exposed to: inappropriate adult sexuality, Internet pornography, books, movies, magazines or living in a sexually charged environment. Some children may have been sexually abused.

We work with children (ages 17 and under) and their parents by providing positive interventions and support which help redirect the child to learn positive coping skills and healthy behaviors. We have over 20 years of experience partnering with families and the community to address these sensitive issues.

Please note: The program does not provide service to adjudicated youth or youth charged with a sexual offense.