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Refugee Resettlement

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Refugees are proven victims of persecution that flee their homelands in search of hope, justice and a safe place to raise their families. Most refugees suffer unthinkable tragedy in their homelands and arrive in the U.S. with next to nothing, and knowing no one. Multicultural Community Services (MCS), a program of LCSNW, is contracted with the U.S Department of State to help refugees rebuild their homes, and their lives. Since 1975, MCS has resettled over 40,000 refugees from all over the world, helping them become self-sufficient and integrated into the culture and community throughout Oregon and Washington.

Though refugees have lost everything, they are amazingly resilient and revitalize our communities with fresh ideas, unique strengths, and cultural variety.

MCS refugee resettlement services include:

  • Reception and Placement & Refugee Case Services
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Cash Donations and Donations of furniture and household items
Reception and Placement and Refugee Case Services

The United States resettles more of the world’s refugees than all other countries combined. Each year, the President determines how many refugees will be approved for refugee status, allowing them to enter the country legally and making them eligible for services that promote self-sufficiency.  The USA resettles refugees from all over the world.  Today, in Oregon, most refugees come from Somalia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma, Iraq, Ukraine, Russia, Syria and Afghanistan. Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Wyclef Jean, K’Naan, Leon Trotsky, the Dalai Lama and Andy Garcia were all refugees.

“Reception and Placement” refers to the services that pertain to a refugee family’s arrival in the U.S., and their transition to becoming contributing members of their community. In preparation of a refugee family’s arrival, Multicultural Community Services (MCS) secures housing, furnishings and food.

Post arrival, MCS case managers refer refugees to the social services that advance them toward self-sufficiency. These include medical screening, employment programs, job coaching, ESL classes, registering children in school and temporary cash assistance.

Community volunteers are vital to supporting refugees in their journey toward self-sufficiency and assimilation by providing transportation, shopping help, tutoring, mentoring and valuable companionship!

For more information, please call (503) 588-0141

How to Help

The efforts to resettle and support refugee families have always depended on partnerships with the local community. Our work is made possible through donors, a network of volunteers, partnerships with other agencies, local faith communities, and people like you.

With your support, refugees will have the resources they need to start a new life, obtain health care services, get their kids enrolled in school, and establish a new home. We work with refugees so they can become self-sufficient, and live free from oppression and persecution.

We cannot do all of this without YOU. Your generous donation will help refugees become contributing members of our communities. Your gift is their hope.

Donating money to support refugee programs has never been easier or more critical! To make an online donation visit our online donation page. Under the comment section of this page, please specify that you want your donation to go to the Salem program.

For more information on how you can help, please call (503) 588-0141.