President's Message

A key word in our Mission Statement is partner and we welcome all our existing or potential new partners to Lutheran Community Services Northwest.

If you are seeking services in one of our many local offices, we offer to partner with you in your search for renewed or continued good health. We define health in its broadest sense - physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. We are a nationally accredited agency with up to 75 years of experience in some communities. Our staff is professionally trained, but even more important, they are committed compassionate individuals. Our services vary from community to community in order that we might best serve the particular needs of that region.

If you are a member of a local congregation or a community organization we are your partners in providing quality services. Our style of "doing business" is to collaborate with other community leaders, service providers, and those who see our work as ministry. We are not only committed to the wellness of individuals, families and communities but to advocating for justice. We actively promote a vision of society where poverty, oppression, and abuse cease to exist.

If you are an existing (or potential) donor or volunteer, we thank you for being our partner in creating hope - hope for healing, reconciliation, transformation, and an abundant, joyful life. As a business LCS has practical strategic goals but as a faith-based organization we look to God as our ultimate partner, the One who gives us courage to offer health, justice and hope.

Roberta Nestaas
President & CEO