President's Message

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David Duea

In my second year at Lutheran Community Services Northwest, I’m excited about the challenges we face as a growing agency. I’m committed to and proud of the fact that we bring health, justice and hope to people of different faiths, backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and sexualities. Thanks to the thousands of you who give your time, talents and riches to make our critical work of strengthening communities possible.

For more than 90 years, our agency has been meeting the needs of communities. We touch people in most every corner of Washington and Oregon, along with Boise, Idaho. Our ministry serves more than 50,000 people through more than 100 distinct local programs. We continue the original vision of our founding Lutherans to reach out to people in loving service.

We work to improve mental and behavioral health. We welcome refugees with services to adjust to their new home. We help children through foster care and adoption. We provide support and healing for victims of sexual assault, violence, crime and human trafficking. We address family issues ranging from poverty to family problems to health care access. We work with seniors and people with disabilities to improve their lives and care.

Our eight core offices that support more than 30 locations offer unique services with a common goal: to be the best service provider. We’ve earned a strong reputation, as the states of Washington and Oregon approach LCSNW to help solve community problems.

LCSNW is growing, and our vision is for the trend to continue. We want to grow so we have greater impact on our communities. Outcomes-based services are important, but we really want to measure our success based on our community impact. We’re proud to be an agency that’s well-equipped to work with a wide variety of cultures and languages.

We strive to be the agent of change for better health, a sense of justice and greater levels of hope for our communities. Our founding Lutherans would be proud of the agency we’ve become. We help thousands of families with positive changes that will have an impact for generations to come.


David Duea