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What is the Permanency Planning Foster/Adoption Program?
Permanency Planning photoThe Permanency Planning foster/adoption program is based out of Seattle, WA and serves King and Snohomish Counties. It is designed to decrease the number of moves suffered by children in foster care. It is our belief that every child has the right to a secure, loving, permanent family at the earliest possible age.

Why is Permanency Planning Important?
Our foster care program actively involves the birth parents in planning and decision making for their children; we believe this best serves the children in the child welfare system. Lutheran Community Services recruits foster families committed to adoption when children are unable to return to their birth home.

Who Are the Children Referred for Permanency Planning?
Newborns and children up to age 17 in King or Snohomish County who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Children affected by neglect, physical abuse or sexual abuse.
  • Children who have a history of previous foster care placements
  • Children who are in temporary legal custody of the Washington Department of Social and Health Services

What Requirements Must Permanency Planning Parents Meet
To Become Licensed Foster and Adoptive Parents?

  • Live in Seattle, King County or Snohomish County, Washington
  • Able to work cooperatively with staff, agency, and birth parents
  • Be at least 21 years old and in good enough health for child raising
  • Be able to provide a stable, nurturing family for a troubled child
  • Be willing to commit to adoption if reunification is not possible
  • The Permanency Planning program can help anyone who meets these criteria license to become a foster parent, regardless of marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, home ownership, or education.

To learn more about Permanency Planning and read true stories about the program, please view our most recent newsletter:
Permanency Planning Foster-Adopt Spring 2015 Newsletter

The Basics

Permanency Planning photoHow do I apply to become a licensed Permanency Planning parent?
If you meet the requirements and are interested in knowing more, you should attend one of our monthly informational meetings held in Seattle, Washington. The informational meeting is followed by a personal interview with one of our staff. Families who continue on in the process will complete foster and adoptive parent pre-service training, complete licensing paperwork and home study interviews. The program is designed so that parents complete foster care and adoption licensing at the same time, allowing for a smoother transition if adoption becomes an option.

Is there a fee?
There is a fee to complete your combined foster care/adoption home study. When a child is placed, families are reimbursed by the State of Washington for the cost of caring for the child. If the child is legally free at the time of placement or becomes legally free while in your home, you will then be charged an adoption fee.

Lutheran Community Services does not want fees to deter any individual or family from adopting. Payment plans are available.

What services are offered to foster parents after placement of a child in their home?
After completion of the home study and licensing process, Lutheran Community Services’ social workers provide ongoing support in the form of a foster parent support group, a Permanency Planning newsletter, intensive individual case management, and information and referral to community resources.

If you are interested in further information regarding the Lutheran Community Services Permanency Planning Program, we invite you to come in for a one-on-one informational session with a Family Specialist. These sessions can be scheduled during the day or evening, Monday - Friday, at our Seattle office.

Lutheran Community Services serves families and children of all racial, economic, and religious backgrounds. We welcome all interested families. LCS does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

For more information, call us at 206-694-5713 or by e-mail.

Services For Foster-Adoptive Parents

Foster Parents receive the following training and support:Permanency Planning photo

  • Training on foster care and adoption issues
  • Monthly foster parent Support Group at our Seattle office
  • Foster/Adoption home study
  • Help with foster care/adoption licensing
  • Information and referral to community resources in King and Snohomish Counties
  • Ongoing counseling and support

Who Can be a Foster Parent?
Anyone at least 21 years old who lives in King or Snohomish County and who is in good enough health to raise a child. We do not discriminate based upon marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, home ownership, or education.

What Benefits are There in Becoming a Permanency Planning Foster Parent?
As a Permanency Planning Foster Parent, you are able to:

  • Have a child in your home who may someday be your legally adopted child.
  • Have fewer eligibility requirements placed upon you than in a traditional infant adoption program.
  • Become licensed for foster care and adoption at the same time
  • Know that you are providing nurturing, security, and stability for a child in need.
  • Be an integral part of helping birth parents make responsible choices about their children.

What Services does Lutheran Community Services offer to Support Foster/Adoption Parents Throughout the Process?

You can:

  • Receive support from families in situations similar to your own.
  • Receive parenting training and referral to community resources.
  • Receive ongoing support from experienced LCS staff with low case loads and time for you.
  • Attend monthly support group meetings in Seattle for Foster Parents, with child care provided.

What steps do I follow in order to become a licensed Permanency Planning Foster/Adoption Parent?
The first step in becoming a Permanency Planning Foster Parent is to attend a one-on-one informational session with a Family Specialist. These sessions can be scheduled during the day or evening, Monday - Friday, at our Seattle office. Call Lutheran Community Services at (206) 694-5713 to arrange an informational session.

Following the informational session, a personal interview with a Permanency Planning Family Specialist will take place. Individuals and families then participate in a foster/adoption preparation group and complete a home study. You will be assigned a social worker to support you throughout the process. When you and your social worker decide that you are ready to have a child placed, you are licensed and matched with a child.

You can complete the entire process as quickly or as slowly as you need. For information, call (206) 694-5713 or e-mail.

Services For Foster Children

  • Placement in specially trained foster homes in King or Snohomish Counties that are committed to seeing the child through to permanence, i.e., return to birth parents or adoption into their family
  • Referral for therapy or developmental services, if needed.
  • Regular visitation with birth parents
  • Advocacy through school, medical, and social service systems.

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