Who Is My Neighbor?

Meet our neighbor, Barbara

Maintaining independence and her “window on the world” - In Her Own Words

I am 77 years old and have been sick much of my life. My husband died in 2001. During his illness, we were struggling to clean and keep up our house ourselves. Then someone told me about the homecare services provided by Lutheran Community Services.

I use a walker and can’t get up and around much, so I really rely on the girls from LCS for all the housework and help with cooking. I make a big pot of soup or stew, with their help, and I have something good to eat for days. They also help me get to my doctor appointments, and they take me shopping. I wouldn’t want to be in a nursing home, and the house would go to rack and ruin without their help. This way I can stay at home, my neighbors and friends can visit, and I can watch the world out my windows.

It’s very lovely where I live. I love watching the seasons through my windows, and I love watching the animals - they are so funny. The girls from LCS not only keep the house and laundry spic and span, they add cheer to me with water and food for the birds and raccoons. There was a flock of Canadian geese the other day; it was beautiful… really something. My neighbor came over and we watched them out the window together. If I were in a nursing home, I would probably not get to see those kinds of things.

About every 3 or 4 hours I thank God for the wonderful service of LCS. I can live in a positive atmosphere, delighting in the daily work of mature women who are observing my uppermost needs of a clean house, clean clothes and good cooking. I can’t get over what a wonderful, lucky thing that I have in LCS. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Barbara is a client of LCS’ HomeHelpers Homecare Program. HomeHelpers helps seniors and people with disabilities in Washington’s Pierce and Kitsap Counties maintain independence in their own homes by providing personal care, companionship, respite care, and light housekeeping services.