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Our Mission
The Family Support Centers of Lutheran Community Services Northwest partner individuals, businesses and organizations to achieve Health, Justice, and Hope for individuals and families in their communities.  Our Family Support Centers offer a strength-based approach to programs and services, empowering individuals and families to increase their competency and resiliency.

Our Philosophy
LCSNW Family Support Centers began with the Family Support Movement of the mid-1970's. Created to build strong communities, fill gaps in programs, services and support and, ensure underserved communities and populations have access to those services. The Family Support approach is a grassroots effort of combining knowledge of family systems, culturally appropriate services, community building and resource assistance in communities focusing on preventing crisis' and promoting healthy functioning individuals, families and communities.

Family Support Centers operate on a philosophy that focuses on:

A set of beliefs and asset based approach to strengthening and empowering individuals, families and communities so that they can foster the optimal development of children, youth, and adult family strengthening and empowering individuals, families and communities so that they can foster the optimal development of children, youth, and adult family members. Our Family Support philosophy is founded on the belief that every individual or family needs and deserves support and access to services, Family Support Centers are not just for at risk families and adults.

A type of grassroots, community-based program designed to prevent problems by strengthening relationships and building upon the assets each person brings with them. Increasing social connectedness among individual's, parents and children and grandparents to decrease isolation and depression and increasing resiliency.

A shift in human services delivery that encourages public and private agencies to work together and to become more preventive, responsive, flexible, family-focused, strengths-based, and holistic and thus more effective.

A movement for social changethat urges all of us – policymakers, program providers, parents, employers to take responsibility for improving the lives of children and families, individuals and community's. The family support movement transforms our society into caring communities of citizens putting each other first and that ensures that all children, families and adults get what they need to succeed.

What Family Support Centers are
A family support center is a warm and welcoming place in the community to which any person or family can come, not only in times of need, but as a regular part of day-to-day life. Family Support Centers offer parenting education, child development activities, parent-to-parent support groups and mentoring, parent-and-child activities, caregiver education and support, skill-building programs, community events, resource fairs and events, childcare resource and referral and information and referral services. These are modified depending on the needs and desires of local communities.

Family support centers are unique in their approach to working with individuals, families and communities: they build upon strengths and capacities, serve as a hub for the community, work for positive social change, and offer help in a non-threatening environment. Community members act as resources in all sorts of capacities, from sitting on a decision-making board to helping others develop job skills, providing support to those in need to cooking food for a class or event.


Lutheran Community Services Northwest is proud to have six family support centers in the North Puget Sound region. Each of these centers is embedded in their communities and offers essential support and place of familiarity for families to thrive.  In 2012, the Family Support Centers of Lutheran Community Services served 36,519 children and families in 5 different Puget Sound Counties.

Strengthening Families

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Our family centers offer an array of support for families through support groups, parenting classes, a listening ear and, empowering parents to become leaders in their family and community. Our Family Support Model increases social connections for families, which are proven to strengthen communities, decrease isolation and leads to fewer cases of child abuse and neglect. Raising a family is not something you have to do alone! We provide the resources, education and support for parents to raise happy, healthy, and successful children.

Here is a list of our programs offered throughout North Puget Sound:

  • Play and Learn
  • Strengthening Mulit-Ethnic Families and Communities
  • Strengthening Families
  • Immigrant and Refugee support groups
  • Support Groups for Caregivers
  • Aspergers Support Group
  • Kinship Caregiver Support
  • Parenting Classes
  • Playgroups
  • Teen Parent Support
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Relatives as Parents
  • For the Kids Sake
  • Latina Women’s Support Group

Strengthening Communities


Each of our family centers are embedded in a community with the belief that strengthening communities can transform the people who live in them. Our centers partner with local organizations and businesses to provide community-building events that create safer, more connected communities that increase social networks and decreases social isolation and depression.

Here are some of the events and programs at our Family Centers:

  • National Night Out Against Crime
  • Dia de los Muertos
  • Back to School Resource Fair
  • Lake Stevens Halloween Celebration
  • Holiday Giving Drives
  • Youth Advisory Council

Providing Resources


Our family support centers offer information and referrals and help individuals and families access services. We decrease barriers in accessing services and decrease stress in times of crisis's. Our family centers offer help with locating housing or temporary shelter, accessing basic needs, finding counseling, communicating with your child's school, help with domestic abuse, and many other forms of support that help individuals and families thrive. In addition, our Centers offer skill-building classes so that individuals, parents and families have the resources to be self-sufficient.

Here are some ways that our Family Centers provide resources:

  • ESL classes
  • Resource and Referral
  • Free tax preparation
  • Emergency Assistance
  • DSHS Application Assistance
  • Latino Employment and Translation Assistance
  • Skill-building classes: nutrition, job prep, resume' building, leadership, CPR, babysitting etc.


6 Family Centers ~ 5 counties supported ~ 36,519 people served ~ 1,349 volunteers

Of  1,597 Family Center participants surveyed during 2009:

  • 95% feel more connected to their community and community members
  • 98% have a increased knowledge/access to community resources
  • 98% increased their skills leading to self-sufficiency

Through program participation and through shared relationship, people connect positively with others, effectively advocate for themselves, and build safe, strong communities.  In addition,through shared relationship,, people build strong social networks and embrace the future with confidence and competence.

Our Family Support Centers are places where families go to access resources, grow friendships and build a strong, healthy, vibrant community. In addition, we offer an array of services and support so that families can raise healthy, happy, and successful children. We provided 39,388 people these programs and services:

  • 6,468 families received basic needs assistance and resources
  • 1,257 Children received Holiday gifts
  • 325 Teenagers were involved in creating positive change in our communities
  • 3,289 Children had access to school supplies to start their school year
  • 3,130 Individuals gained skills that help them to be self sufficient
  • 477 Individuals had access to free tax sites
  • 5,021 People participated in safe community events with their families
  • 1,463 businesses and organizations partnered with our centers to provide these services

The Family Support Centers of Lutheran Community Services serve all people who walk through the door spanning all ages.  Our diverse staff represent our participants and  provide culturally relevant programs.  Our participants come from a variety of backgrounds:

  • 80% of our participants are considered low or very-low income according to the Federal Poverty Level
  • 33% of our participants are Hispanic/Latino
  • 50% are Caucasian
  • 10% are African or African American
  • 7% are  Multiple Ethnicities


Research shows that investing in positive outcomes for participants of family support centers can lead to:

  • Fewer teenage pregnancies
  • Less juvenile delinquency
  • Improved behavior and performance of children at school
  • Fewer incidents of child abuse and neglect
  • More families moving from welfare to work
  • Increased self-confidence, knowledge of child development, and parenting skills among parents
  • Greater educational attainment among parents
  • Increased social and community connectedness
  • Decreased isolation
  • Decreased sense of depression
  • Greater feeling of contributing to community and society

*Research provided by Family Support America



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

LCSNW Family Support Centers are true representations of a grassroots effort and dedicated leadership in their communities. Join us in transforming our communities, supporting our families and empowering our youth.

Here are a few ways you can join us:

A gift to Family Support Centers is your best local investment in supporting the health of your community. There are lots of ways to give! Please designate your gifts to LCSNW Family Support Centers or choose the center closest to you!
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From tutoring kids t0 helping with tax preparation to helping with events, there's a volunteer opportunity for you at our LCSNW Family Support Centers.
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LCSNW Family Support Center events such as the National Night Out, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Back to School Fairs, and more
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 Corporate sponsorships are essential in keeping our communities supported. There are many ways your firm can help whether through sponsoring an event, providing in-kind donations or volunteering your services.
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A huge thank you to our supporters!  You make our work possible!

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Lutheran Community Services NW North Puget Sound Office
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View Lutheran Community Services NW Family Support Centers on Google map

Angle Lake Family Resource Center
4040 S 188th St,
STE 100
SeaTac, WA 98188
(206) 816-3241

Familias Unidas
215 W Mukilteo Boulevard
Everett, WA 98203
(425) 355-6005

Family Center of South Snohomish County
6330 195th St. SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 670-8984

Granite Falls Family Support Center
9424 Portage Ave.
Granite Falls, WA 98252
(360) 386-9282

For The Kids' Sake Parenting Seminar
6330 195th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 977-4767

Lake Stevens Family Center
1803 123rd Dr NE
Lake Stevens, WA
(425) 397-7433

South Everett Neighborhood Center
215 W Mukilteo Boulevard
Everett, WA 98203
(425) 513-2880

Parent Line
301 Lopez Ave
Port Angeles, WA 98362-6529
(360) 452-5437

Main Office
115 NE 100th Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 694-5700



Our Family Support Centers operate in diverse communities and therefore, our Family Support staff represent the diversity of the participants we serve.  Each of our staff members follows the Family Support Principles and work together with families in relationships based on equality and strength. Our staff enhances families' capacity to support the growth and development of all family members--adults, youth, and children.

Crisann Brooks, Director of Family Support
Stephanie Green, Resource Development Associate

Lake Stevens Family Support Center
Kathleen Friend, Program Manager

Angle Lake Family Resource Center
Zac Eskenazi, Program Manager

South Everett Neighborhood Center
Winnie Coral,  Program Manger

Familias Unidas
Winnie Coral,  Program Manger

Family Center of South Snohomish County
Tim Gahm
, Program Manager

Parent Line
Lisa Lyon, Program Manager