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Lutheran Community Services Northwest (formerly Lutheran Social Services of Washington and Idaho) has applied over 20 years of experience in Permanency Planning to develop a comprehensive collection of resource materials. We’re happy to make these resource materials available to other child welfare agencies and professionals.


  • Concurrent Planning
    From Permanency Planning To Permanency Action
  • Courtwise
    Making Optimal Use of the Legal Process to Insure Early Permanence for Children
  • Preparing Permanency Planning Foster Parents
    A Foster Parent Training Manual


  • Working with Birth Parents
  • Visits
  • Foster Parents Speak
  • Kids Speak: Open Adoption
  • Open Adoption
  • Child Behaviors
  • Special Offer - All Six Videos

Concurrent Planning
From Permanency Planning to Permanency Action
Concurrent Planning Book$25.00 | 150 pages | Order Form
Explains to social workers how they can work toward reunification while,at the same time, develop an alternative permanent plan for each child. This guidebook includes:

  • Philosophy and actions for earlier permanency
  • Annotated bibliographies of research and opinion
  • Adoption Safe Families Act (ASFA) passed 1997
  • Worksheets: Case Review, Attachment Assessment, Reasonable Efforts, Reunification Safety Plan, Prognostic Staffing, Differential Diagnosis, Strengths in Families, Poor Prognosis

Courtwise BookMaking Optimal Use of the Legal Process To Insure Early Permanence for Children

$20.00 | 72 pages | Order Form
Helps social workers and legal practitioners to understand each other and their respective roles, enabling both to work more closely for the benefit of the child in need.This guidebook provides:

  • A clear explanation of basic legal principles
  • An outline of social work beliefs
  • Different approaches of the two professions
  • Recognition of the expertise each profession brings to case planning
  • Sample court orders, contracts and written agreements to help in case planning

Preparing Permanency Planning Foster Parents
Preparing Permanency Planning BookA Foster Parent Training Manual

$20.00 | 82 pages | Order Form
Gives social workers the tools they need to guide prospective foster parents through the permanency planning process. This guidebook includes:

  • A rationale for training permanency foster parents
  • Explanation of necessary elements in this unique training
  • Step by step training guidelines
  • Participant handouts

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Special Offer - All Three Books for $60
$60.00 | Order Form
Order all three Concurrent Planning Guidebooks and save $5!


Working with Birth Parents
$45.00 | 28 minutes | Order Form
Birth parents with a lengthy history of involvement with Children’s Protective Services tell their story of addiction and recovery.

$45.00 | 32 minutes | Order Form
Parent-child visiting is the crux of concurrent planning. Five foster families share their thoughts and feelings about their role in visits, how they established a meaningful relationship with the birth parents, and candidly discuss some of the problems that commonly occur.

Foster Parents Speak
$45.00 | 18 minutes | Order Form
Foster parents talk about their reasons for becoming permanency planning foster families. They describe the challenges they face and identify support systems or philosophies that helped them survive.

Kids Speak: Open Adoption
$45.00 | 18 minutes | Order Form
Adult adoptees tell their story of foster care placement and share their feelings regarding ongoing contact with their birth family. This retrospective video illustrates the success and challenges of four children. Adoptees give advice to other families from their own experiences.

Open Adoption
$45.00 | 23 minutes | Order Form
Open adoption is a very common outcome for children involved in concurrent planning foster care programs. Foster parents tell of the early stages of building trust and forming a relationship with birth parents and discuss benefits that they anticipate from ongoing contact

Child Behaviors
$45.00 | 35 minutes | Order Form
Four foster families share their experiences managing difficult behaviors and the efects of prenatal drug and alcohol exposure.

Special Offer - All Six Videos $225
225.00 | Order Form
Order all six Concurrent Planning Videos and save $45!

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