The Power of Partnership

A Message from Barry Hazard, Chief Development Officer

“My will is going to send a message – a POWERFUL one that shows what I cared about. It is a wonderful, satisfying feeling to know that part of my legacy will be providing hope, love and caring to future generations!”
Vera Fink, Boise, ID

“We are delighted to know that our estate plan will help continue LCS’ vital services into the future. It is truly an investment in the Lord’s work."
Jim & Marilyn McGinnis, Kent, WA

The POWER OF PARTNERSHIP is our agency theme for this fiscal year. This includes the power of estate gifts, which ensure current and future generations receive the help they need from the stellar staff and programs of LCS. We have been providing such services since 1921 when some good Lutheran folks decided to help the homeless. With your generosity in life and beyond, we will continue to help those in need far into the future. As much as we would wish it were different, what we do will always be needed.

Good works are part of the ministry of grace, and while some good works can be done with little or no cost, strong and generous financial support is needed for a high level professional organization such as LCS. HEALTH, JUSTICE and HOPE are our Mission, and your Mission as well. I know. I have personally visited with so many of you over the past 19 years, and have heard your hearts of compassion for continuing to achieve these important goals. Please partner with us and leave a POWERFUL legacy to make that possible!

Barry Hazard
Chief Development Officer

To learn how you can leave a lasting legacy by including LCS in your estate plans, please click here.