What Will Your Legacy Be?

A Message from Barry Hazard, Chief Development Officer

NEW HORIZONS! This is our theme for 2013-14 at LCS. One of the key phrases we are using with this theme is Change is on the Horizon. It certainly is for LCS. Roberta Nestaas, President/CEO, has announced her retirement effective July 1, 2014.

Our Board Chair, Bill Brueggemann, recently wrote this about Roberta:

“LCSNW has been blessed to have Roberta as its President and CEO. For more than 20 years, Roberta’s professional savvy, calm, grace and commitment to the mission have shaped LCSNW into the well-respected and successful agency it is today… She has modeled its values of compassion, integrity and kindness. Today the agency is respected and recognized for financial strength, organizational resiliency and adaptability, as well as quality program outcomes, innovative approaches and effective partnerships.”

Such a life makes us ask ourselves, “What will my legacy be?” Legacy is a powerful word in the English language. It’s what you leave behind. It is your footprint in the sands of time. It is your history. How will you be remembered, and for what will you be remembered?

Another phrase we are using with our theme is “Hope is on the Horizon.” LCS specializes in bringing hope to people’s lives. It is said we can live without many things, but we cannot live for long without hope. What better way to live than bringing hope to those in need, and what better legacy to leave behind?

You can leave such a legacy by including the work of LCS in your estate plans. By so doing, you will bring New Horizons of Hope and Change to many for generations to come. Please give me a call – 503/731-9518. Let’s talk about your legacy!

To learn how you can leave a lasting legacy by including LCS in your estate plans, please click here.

Barry Hazard, CFRE
Chief Development Officer