photoCaregiving 101

Caregiving 101 addresses issues involved in taking care of aging family members and friends. Caregiving 101 Tips are small 3-inch articles that can be included in church newsletters.

Caregiving 101 Resource Sheets are longer articles that can be downloaded and printed to give to congregation members and others who would benefit from the information.

Caregiving 101 Resource Sheets
Autonomy and Self-Esteem
Talking to Your Parents
Assuming The Role of Caregiver
Effects on the Caregiver: Spouse and Family
The Sandwich Generation
Dealing with Family Denial
Issues to Review
Knowing When to Help
How to Start Helping
Planning Ahead for Elder Care
Adult Day Services
The Four Stages of Caregiving
Caregiving 101 Tips
Adult Day Services
•. Assuming the Role of Caregiver
Spouses and Care: Gendered Dynamics
Four Stages of Caregiving
Stage 1: Anticipatory Caregiver
Stage 2: Freshman Caregiver
Stage 3: Entrenched Caregiver
Stage 4: Caregiver in Loss
Planning Ahead for Elder Care
Talking to Your Parents
Autonomy and Self-Esteem - Part 1
Autonomy and Self-Esteem - Part 2
Autonomy and Self-Esteem - Part 3
Autonomy and Self-Esteem - Part 4
Autonomy and Self-Esteem - Part 5